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When it Comes to Bananas . . .

. . . the batter is better.

CR Frejzch
23 November 1989
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Hi! I'm Frejzch! I'm a freelance artist living and working in Alexandria, Virginia. I'm studying Russian language and culture, and want to work for the gov someday. Sooner rather than later, actually. Right now I work full time selling candy, canning goods, lightbulbs and screws in any size you can imagine, and big bags of dirt. I also go to NOVA full time and take some classes at Mason on the side. This means I have zero free time, but feel free to check my interests for the stuff I would do if I did! And in-jokes. And the in-jokes I would do if I did. What?

Additionally, this journal is almost entirely friends only, but I'm not really a stickler for introductions. If you're interested in reading, friend me and we're good to go. :3

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